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Ruth Misquitta

Ruth [Hazel] Misquitta, a native of Mumbai, India, is a teacher, prophet and worship leader. She is married to Melwyn and together they co-pastor Witness Ministries churches based in Navi Mumbai, India, as well as numerous fellowship churches across the State.

​The desire of Ruth’s heart is to impart principles of  Spirit-led Prophetic prayer and Worship to the Church. Ruth’s commitment to helping others is evident through her lifestyle of service. She frequently hosts prayer and Bible study meetings, retreats, workshops, and other events that empower women.

Ruth’s mission is to engage, inspire, uplift, and empower women through her teachings, speaking engagements, and other outreach ministry endeavors.

Ruth has a heart for restoring family relationships, and providing inspiration. Above all of her accomplishments, she considers supporting her husband in ministry, and raising God-fearing children, her primary purpose and greatest accomplishments.

As a mother of one girl child-Hosanna Misquitta, she firmly believes the best way to raise children is to be an active role model who demonstrates the love of God. Family remains Ruth’s supreme delight.


“First and foremost I am a woman who simply and wholeheartedly loves Christ, and serves Him through loving my family and serving the church."-

Ruth  Misquitta​

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