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The Bible provides truthful answers to an amazing assortment of life issues and through sermons and teachings with  practical examples from life on how the Bible has answered questions can be of great help to who don’t know the bible completely. Find answers to your life issues and challenges in these sermons and articles.

These teachings are dedicated to share EVENTS, ARTICLES  and NEWS which fulfills Bible Prophecies of End Times and help us realize that we are living in The TIMES of the END & By declaring, defining and exploring the Word of God, we hope to see Christians being used of God to make an impact on their sphere of influence. 

Most people who get around to reading the Bible for themselves are amazed to discover how many questions it answers. Finding the answers may require digging, waiting, asking, and paying attention, but God does respond to those who seek him diligently.

Get a solid foundation for your walk with Christ. These life-changing teachings are designed to give new believers a firm foundation in their Christian walk.If you are a new believer and want to learn how to live your life for the Lord Jesus Christ these thirteen lessons for New Believers is for you. 


Specifically, these teachings expands our understanding of what it means for Christ to live in us by the Spirit, and more importantly, it explains how to live by His life. These teachings equips and trains individuals to realize their calling, develop their gifting, fullfill their purpose and empowers them to succeed in their future.


Each Life Group Will Have A Structured Study That Revolves Around God’s Word. Examples Of A Structured Study Are Things Like: 1.Book Of James, 2. Parable Study, 3. Topical Study, 4. Gender Group-Wise, i.e.. , Men’s, Women’s And Youth , Married, Singles. These Life Group Teachings Helps The Gr up OR AN Individual Find Answers to Life's Questions and In Having A Good Fellowship And Getting Encouraged And Edified In Their Spiritual Life With The Bible Study.

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