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I know that Lord Jesus Christ is the living God. I have experienced His prayer answering power too; but I cannot make a commitment to follow Him. What will my family say? What about my friends, colleagues and relatives?

Yes. It seems difficult to take this decision when we see it from religion point of view. But if we can see it at personal level, you will realize that we are simply believing in God and loving Him, nothing else (not conversion of religion at all). Moreover, if you start loving God and all ungodly, selfish and evil (to whatever degree) are gone, and you start leading a noble and blessed life, then how and who would object?

I want to tell you two things here.

First, that salvation is a personal choice, as much as our choice of eating some particular food or choosing some particular colour dresses. Our own decision in this regard is terminal.

Trust me, neither anybody is going to die with you nor is anyone going to stand before judgment throne to answer on your behalf. We all will do it individually.

Secondly, whom did we ask when we did all other ungodly stuffs, for example – boozing, or smoking or fantasizing wrong things? If we chose to do it by ourselves – then why so much of commotion in taking a good decision to follow God considering Him omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent God, which will save your life and probably others too, through you.

Nobody wants to go to hell, but all are heading towards it unknowingly. Unless we deviate from the sinful way of living life, change our values, purpose and beliefs, we have no escape. Probably once you are saved, you may tell them and save them by showing from your example.

Withstanding all resistance that came from my near and dear ones, when I continued to love Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart and followed His ways, my life changed, my attitude changed and this was noticed by everyone. Today, most of them respect my views and above all, many have embraced the path of peace, love and joy through Jesus Christ.

God can do it for you too, what we need is a simple act of obedience with all sincerity.

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